Before getting a dog it is important to know everything about the dog you’re getting because you need to know beforehand if that dog can suit your needs at home. All breeds of dog are bred for a purpose. There isn’t such a thing as a “bad dog,” but there is such a thing as bad genetics. We have sled dogs, herding dogs, guard dogs and some dogs are better suited as attack dogs. Pitbulls fall under the line of fighting/guard dogs. These dogs are best suited with people who live in rural areas as most big breeds are! Unfortunately today we have many incompetent owners of pitbulls who have no idea how to properly train or handle them.

Pitbulls have a long history of dog fighting. Since their arrival in North America there have been many deaths due to pitbull attacks. Dog fighting at one time was acceptable so banning them before wasn’t even thought of! It is in my opinion that this breed remain banned because there isn’t enough education about the breed or how to be with dogs in general. Too many people these days baby their dogs like they’re human, but this causes mental issues and confusion in any dog. This also leads to dog bites. But some dogs are prone to biting more than others.. why is that? It has nothing to do with the breed, but genetics in fact. When you breed an aggressive dog those traits get passed down. If you keep breeding aggression to aggression then you have this endless linage of aggression so the only way to stop it from happening in the first place is commonsense, don’t breed them or euthanize them all.

I honestly think that pitbulls are ugly, I don’t see why they’re so attractive. Perhaps they’re so ugly that they are cute? Anyway if I had a farm no doubt I’d personally own a pitbull as a guard dog, along with a few other breeds of dog such as the german shepherd and australian shepherd. <3
Here is a great article! The Colby’s today still breed and sell pitbulls.

End thoughts on pitbulls: I like them because they are dogs. I appreciate them because they were bred for a purpose. I think they should remain banned. I also think that owners who cannot handle them especially with children need to do what’s right and surrender them. Pitbulls are NOT meant for the city or suburbs. Liver pitbulls are my favorite lol.

Please be a responsible dog owner and do all of your research!