This is going to be a touchy subject and if you advocate animal shelters then maybe this isn’t a read for you, but if you’re willing to learn then continue to read on with an open mind and a willingness to understand my point of view.

When was the first animal shelter created?
1869: The very first official animal shelter in the country is formed by the Women's SPCA of Pennsylvania.
Please keep in mind that I do think that SOME shelters are okay and do what’s best for the animal, but there are extremists out there who just don’t know when to draw the line.

Top 5 reasons animal shelters are actually unethical.

1: They keep genetic disasters alive when the animal may never thrive or they will be in pain for the rest of their lives. These are animals born with a genetic mutation that makes the animal nonfunctional and they will always need the assistance of their owner. This is NOT okay in the slightest, they should not be allowed to live and the animal should be put down. There are millions of HEALTHY animals awaiting adoption and love!

2: Some animal shelters will tug on your heart strings to try to get money out of you. This is honestly the reason why I will never donate to any animal shelter because I never know which ones do this. It is disgusting to try to get money out of people and showing them pictures of nearly dead animals! Honesty without this, is all that should be needed!!

3: Animal shelters tell lies all of the time even the better ones. What lies do I speak of? One case scenario is a previous friend of mine who was trying to retrieve his cats that were given up by his spiteful ex-girlfriend. Without his consent she gave up the cats to a shelter and the shelter told him that they never had the cats, but later confirmed on their website that they did in fact had them, but adopted them out to new families within just a few weeks. Another thing that shelters lie about is the idea that we have a pet overpopulation. This is impossible considering the methods used when we have an overpopulation of even wild or invasive species. What have we humans been doing for thousands of years? Simply killing them off. Shelters have not been around for that long if you think about it and I do not believe in the slightest that they are dealing with the situation honestly. Even non-kill shelters euthanize from time to time, even healthy animals. Even human nature has it’s ways of euthanizing us humans. It’s not different for animals.

4: Not all shelters test their animals. Considering I believe in breeders and think that you should DNA test the stock you have before breeding, why would I think any different towards animal shelters? Animal shelters should be DNA testing each and every single one of their animals to ensure that nothing wrong is present and to have a health guarantee. You should not be actively putting yourself in a situation of heartache and neither should shelters be doing this to expectant or even inexperienced new owners!

5: Last, but not least!!! How is it okay to keep animals caged up for hours a day, days and days go by with them not knowing when they’ll be let out or why they are even there? Is this ethical in the slightest? While some shelters do allow “outside time.” Or some even build bigger rooms for free roam, not all animals in every shelter has this luxury. Did you know that there are guidelines for breeders who keep cats and the rooms they are to be in has to be a certain width and depth? Meanwhile shelters can get away with keeping an animal in a cage for the rest of its life... simply because that shelter is a “non-kill” shelter. Do you really think that eventually that animal will just want to die? Pretty messed up when you get deep thinking on the subject.

I once worked in a shelter and it was there that I realized that this was pretty messed up. I began to realize the lies, I began to realize how they fool people, and I realized how unnecessary shelters really were. We are free to believe whatever we want and we are all allowed to form our own take and point of views. My own experiences with shelters is the reason I think the way that I do today! And that won’t change.