Do you have trouble sleeping? Raise your hand if you take any meds or supplements to resolve that issue. If you raised your hand, no judgement at all. Chronic difficulty with achieving quality sleep can be extremely frustrating. It’s understandable why you’d run to medication as a solution to sleep deprivation.

However, there are other solutions to consider before turning to sleeping pills, or even natural supplements. What if the solution was just a matter of setting your mind, and your frequency at the right level? The phrase, “it’s all in your head” has some truth to it, when it comes to difficulty sleeping. Be careful though, this doesn’t apply to all cases of sleep difficulties or disorders, there are absolutely some medically-certified sleep disorders. Still, the right mindset could apply to your particular sleep issue.

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The mind is the most powerful tool we have. Readjusting it with the assistance of sounds or music may sound simple, but it’s more impactful than you know. Today, there are many sleep apps that can target the problem areas of your mind, and free you of blockers that may be preventing you from achieving quality zzz’s.

The Sleepa app, in particular, is a highly rated, and preferred app among those wanting the perfect, soothing, and uninterrupted sleep we all deserve. Sure, there are many sleep apps to choose from, but this one is not only highly effective, but also completely customizable. You’ll be on the way to dreamland, with zero interruptions. Sounds amazing, but feels even better!

What is the Sleepa app?

Sleepa doesn’t just give you any basic, everyday sounds. It delivers a vast library of HD sounds that can be tweaked to your specific preferences. You can mix the sounds into the perfect relaxing ambiences that are perfect just for you. Create your own custom tracks from 32 sounds divided into four groups. The four groups are rain sounds, nature sounds, city sounds, and meditation sounds.

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What can I expect from the four sound categories?

-Rain Sounds (rain on the window, ocean waves, thunder, etc)
-Nature Sounds (forest, creek, waterfall, etc)
-City Sounds (subway, train, fan, plane, etc)
-Meditation sounds (white noise, piano, oriental flute, etc)

Can It Work For Anything Besides Sleep and Relaxation?

Yes! It also has various noise frequencies to help with concentration...perfect to listen to while working! They include the popular white noise frequency, but also pink noise, and brown noise.

Can I set a timer on it?

Yes, you can schedule a timer that will automatically stop the application. Sleepa does not require internet connection so you can use it anywhere without worrying about the data.