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Image by KC black, gold, and r&b image Image by Aaaurélie S. dog, animal, and black image Image by Aaaurélie S. Image by bubs💞✨
Loves old school R&B, sarcastic, good listener, loves art


fashion, girl, and hair image art and monet image book, vintage, and reading image eyes, brown eyes, and eyelashes image school, college, and university image Image by atarmagwa
Kind, productive, ambitious, loves old things


pink, music, and aesthetic image aesthetic, computer, and decor image Image by threadsmandy aesthetic, art, and pink image hair image Image by Evelina346
Soft, funny, loves music, addicted to Twitter


pink, flowers, and rose image fashion, outfit, and style image book, music, and headphones image Image by Jarbas Jacare aesthetic, drink, and food image quotes and words image
Energetic, cheerful, positive, loves kpop


aesthetic, beach, and bff image black, aesthetic, and braids image yellow and shoes image acorn, rucksack, and backpack image aesthetic, Dream, and vintage image nike, red, and boy image
Chill, reliable, funny, introvert, confident

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