This is the name.
The name.
The name, a name to define what I felt for you.
I would go crazy just by looking at you, remember?
Well, i guess you didn't realize, silly boy.
I do.
Remember haha.
Yes, all the rollercoaster feelings, Craaazy Butterflies in my stomach,
Trembling hands when you got closer and when I felt you taking notice of me,
Fucking fast heartbeats from when we glampsed each other's eyes.
I used to define as passion, something bellow love...
And it was just limerence.
I mean... Like it was simple right?!
No, not at all.
I always knew what i felt was not a healthy feeling, i always tried to protect you from my Insanity.
But a big crave for being loved was what always has been.
And now I know you deserve to be happy with someone else.
All the hope we always see in television, books and shows about us getting back together as soulmates in a nice future, is all big delusions.
And I am happy to know that i am not trapped to anyone either. 🔥💗