I am a native English speaker who is listening to spanish and I have found a few songs which I found very fun and exciting to dance to and just vibe for all different genres. I hope you enjoy it.

numero uno - con altura by rosalia y J Balvin
I love this song, I listen to this song with
I rate this a 10/10.

numero dos - tradora by gente de zona y marc anthony
I love this song, this was the song that I ever listened to and the spanish was difficult at first but it gets stuck in your head.
I rate this 8/10.

numero tres - Si Me Creyeras by Marc Anthony
I really Marc's songs every interesting, he exposes you to the different tenses and once you learn the basic verbs you will understand everything. It is my favourite song to sing to and it's easy to learn. It also brings up my mood.
I rate this 10/10.

numero cuatro - Adicto by Prince Royce y Marc Anthony
I love the Latin music around it and the salsa feel to it, it is very easy to understand and learn.
I rate this 7/10.

numero cinco - Salsa and Choke by ChocQuibTown
They are an all-black group which I find very interesting in Latin music, the music is fun and quick and it makes you want to dance and groove. The chorus is the main part of the song and it repeats two verses so you can master singing the song in Spanish.
I rate this 11/10.

numero seis - Vengo a Adortarte by Blest
It is a Christian song which translates to Here I am but the direct translation is Come to Adore you. The English version of this song is Here I am. I really like this song and I will use this for devotion and worship.
This needs no rating, its amazing!

numero siete - Le da Igual by Cultura Profetica
This is spanish reggae and when I came across it I was shocked. I really liked listening to reggae but now I love it now in another language. It is so chill and calm to listen to.
I rate 7/10.

numero ocho - Outra Vez by Elizeth Cardoso
It is blues and jazz with a mix. I really like the song and I love singing to the chorus.
I rate this 9.5/10.

numero nueve - Vente pac 'ca by Ricky Martin
My Spanish teacher suggested this song and honestly, it's really good and easy to sing along and remember the lyrics.
I rate 6/10.

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