okay, suppose you were often called a 'child prodigy' as a kid. you were called one of the best students in the class; you were the fastest at reading and multiplying. and then something changed and there was a huge number of the same gifted children around. and all your incredible qualities no longer seem so incredible. the study gets harder and you have to put in a lot more effort.

if you know this, then just know: thousands of people have gone through it. with someone it happens in high school, with someone already at the university. but many 'gifted-ex-children' face this; yes, it is difficult, but it is not a dead end. I have prepared some tips for these guys who suffer from impostor syndrome or self-doubt. but!! I am not a doctor, not a psychologist, not an expert. I am based on my personal experience and would be glad if you offer your advice in the comments.

1.even if you have to spend a lot of time understanding basic things, it doesn't make you stupid
if something does not work out the first time, it does not mean that you have to score. don't think that 'people are talented in something just because they were born with such a predisposition.' this is not true. even the most 'smart and talented' spend a lot of time mastering the subject! and you can master any topic, anyway.

2.do not compare yourself with others - it will ruin you
your main competitor is you. if you keep thinking about the performance of your classmates, you will burn out very quickly. by focusing on other people, you cannot direct your energy towards yourself. you deserve to be here, you are no more stupid than your peers. focus on self-improvement and do whatever you can.

3. focus not on goals, but on actions
if you keep thinking about the future, about whether you will enter or not, whether you will be given a scholarship or not, whether you will win a grant or not, then you will simply waste the time that could have been spent on achieving these goals. do not worry about admission, just do dz. focus on what you can do to make your dreams come true.

4.Evaluation is not to show intelligence, but work ethic
don't try to blindly believe that grades are useless at all. they are very important when entering some institutions, so if you just say 'I spit on your education system', then only you will be worse. if it seems to you that at school you are not being taught anything useful, then this is only an additional motivation for you to go to university and learn what you consider useful. as they say, what you sow is what you reap. your hard work will pay off.

5.talk to someone
let your loved ones know that it is difficult for you. it can be difficult, yes. it will seem that everything - you can no longer call yourself smart, that you can not cope with the load. I went to one school where we were forced to endure, there they literally killed individuals in us. and that's not okay. if you feel depressed, then you need to look for healthy ways to get out of this state. let's talk to someone you trust. but don't take pills without a prescription! your health is much more important than grades. point.

6. enjoy!
school can seem like hell. it may seem that it will never end, that you will always feel this pressure and will always be so worried about studying. but school is only a few years. and this is a great time to do something that you won't have time for later. do what you like, even if others call you nerd or nerd. remember that you are super lucky, since you have access to education and no one limits you in it. do not forget about your abilities and about a bright future that is just around the corner!