It's been a long time coming. I graduated high school. I'm starting university but without you by my side.

I curse the time between high school and university because that's where I met you.

I didn't want to meet you. I was too nervous. I knew what we wrote to each other but seeing you in real life hits different. It's like all of those words came alive in that moment. I held you thightly and your body was so small and beautiful.
I miss hugging you.

Our first date was the best one yet. You wanted to hold my hand. You talked a lot and looked at me with your curious eyes.
You are so full of a person.

We kissed. A lot of times. We didn't want to stop. Infatuated. Addicted.
I miss the feeling of your lips touching mine.

We met each other at least twice a week. You needed to studied so with every week. We saw each other less and less.

More fights came up, out of bitterness mostly. When you are too in love, you become blindsighted. Addicted.

This thing annoyed you and this too. No talking about life worth or why we are here. No politics, just scratching the surface.

I made my mistakes but my biggest one was not telling you that you made mistakes too. I think you didn't see them. You were doing everything so right. You are so open to communicate and to grow. So so so open.

You couldn't wait to run away. You were already standing at the door and waiting for me to say one more thing. Another excuse to run.

I will forever cheerish what we had but I don't think you will. It hurts to know that you regret everything. This relationship has changed your view on it.

It's almost like you know you guys are not meant to be together but you desperately try to make it work. Even if we get back to together, I don't know how I can trust you to not run away from me.

You hate deep talk. It makes you feel down. I love them because they make me wonder what this life has to offer. You don't like talking about my interests but yours are okay. Silent and listening but not good enough for you. I can not make a mistake because otherwise she will carry it within the relationship.

As sad as it is to realise it, we are not meant to be.

You blocked me because that's what you frequently do but now it's legit. I wonder if you will ever unblock me or write me again.

I don't know if I want that or not.
I just want my peace back. Give it back. Give back what you stole from me.