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historical context

the radical current, whose origin can be located between the years 60-70 in the United States, in what has been called the “third wave”. Traditional feminism was going through a time of crisis, as an important sector considered insufficient the policies maintained by the left that consisted of the search for minimum quotas of equality between the sexes. This widespread discontent, coupled with the rise of anti-capitalist sentiment, gave way to a new way of understanding feminism. The new feminist movement emerged at a troubled time in the United States, specifically within the civil rights movements, such as the liberation of the African-American community.

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American women began to hold assemblies where they shared their domestic experiences, which led to a collective awareness of the family and economic problems they suffered as something structural in society. In other words, their shared problems were not the result of chance, rather the result of a very widespread and ingrained mentality. This practice had its origin in the creation of the group "New York Radical Women" in 1967, made up of women who separated themselves from the civil rights and anti-war movements because they were led only by men. This null participation of women in public life, which had been denounced since the "second wave" of feminism, gained strength again within these demands as the criticism of the hegemonic position of men in positions of responsibility resurfaces as a form of domination over women.

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In 1968 there was one of the initial acts of public appeal for women's liberation from the perspective of radical feminism. A group of women broke into the Miss America pageant exposing the degrading of beauty pageants towards women. Protestants considered the contest as sexist, as it projected the ideal of a submissive and apolitical woman, subject to stereotypes of femininity, as well as unrealistic and harmful beauty standards for women. As a means of protest, they installed what they called "the freedom trash can" where they threw objects that they considered a representation of the sexism denounced (bras, pots, makeup products, household cleaning products, etc.). These acts of protest had an unprecedented impact, as the feminist movement was brought to the attention of the media worldwide.

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In August 1970 thousands of women marched in tribute to 50 years of approval of the female vote. Among their demands they highlighted the defense of equality in the workplace as well as the right to abortion. In this way, feminist demands expanded with respect to traditional liberal feminism and, unlike previous waves, began to focus on the sexual plane, going beyond the demands for greater participation in public life that characterized previous movements. for the equality of women. Feminism, therefore, was extended to many other aspects, including the way of understanding the cause of inequality suffered by women and the identification of the social, political and economic structures that have been legitimizing this power structure.

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