Hi! I've been away for a reeeaallly long time.

For me, I'm about to finish school and move on to university, its beginning to get warm as we approach summer and I'm already planning Christmas presents as I have many friends to buy for.

I live in Victoria Australia, and while I have been lucky enough to escape the harsher restrictions cause by COVID in the cities, I'm still living in some of the more restraining restrictions across the world in September.

I understand why and I'm not complaining about the restrictions as I am aware others have had it worse, and I am grateful to have two jobs and still be able to walk by the beach. But ugh... this is exhausting and I'm craving some freedom.

So here's a list of things I'm hoping to do in after we reach a covid normal.

I don't feel like I need to explain this too much, but as the weather has picked up my boyfriend and I have had little backyard picnics.
I can not wait till we can actually go to the park or beach to eat yummy cheese and sip chardonnay

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Volunteer at festivals

Last summer and the summer before I was lucky enough to get paid work at the Melbourne show and at various music festivals, although they have mostly been cancelled this year I am hoping to communicate with my old employers and ask for positions in 2021/22.
On top of I would like to volunteer at more festivals that I can not get paid work at, I have done this a few times.. its basically a "work for your entry ticket" system and it allows you to meet so many cool people.

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Get a job I actually like

Currently, I work at an ice cream shop which I like but its long hours
(2 pm - 10:30) and at a service station which has great people but shit pay. Recently I got in contact with someone at a nursery as I love gardening and I am hoping to get employment with them so that I can quit my other two jobs.

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With our spare time in isolation, we have renovated our backyard, replaced our fences and built a veggie patch. Now all that's left to do is to buy a sweet BBQ and invite some mates over when we are allowed to.

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Beach day

Well duh, warmer weather = Beach days.
I live walking distance from a beach and a good 30 min drive from another 4 good beaches, but last summer and the summer before I hardly went swimming or took advantage of it.

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Chop a Real Christmas tree

Last year I went overseas for Christmas and the year before I work Christmas day so this year I'm going to truly celebrate it with a real tree and a good lunch or dinner with my family.

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Road trips
Last January, before I started my final year of school and before the reality of the pandemic had reached Australia my close and friend and my partner went on two big road trips.
it was amazing! We drove down the great ocean road and picnicked close to a cliff. I can't wait for those trips again.

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Garden more

As I said before, isolation has given us plenty of time to garden and it turns out I really like it!

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Go to farmers markets

I used to volunteer at a farmers market but it closed last year.
Next year I would like to support more farmers markets as I have a solid understanding of how much hard work goes into setting them up and running them.

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Visit local water parks and amusement parks

There's a really cool water park close to where I live that I haven't been to since my school took me when I was 12. I should probably go check out what's new there.

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Walks With family members

My family live pretty spread out across the state, it would be nice to go visit some of my family members who live more rurally and go on hikes/ walks with them.

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Berry picking and flower festivals

I MISSED THE TULIP FESTIVAL THIS YEAR. If you cant tell I'm very upset about it. Next year I would love to go berry picking at local farms and then head down to a local tulip farm for their annual tulip festival.

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Museums and tourist attractions

My city has so many cool museums and attractions that I've never visited, this year many of them have offered virtual tours for free. When I'm allowed to again I would like to go and support them by physically visiting.

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Thanks for reading!