hello lovely's!!

i started this account because my friend told me too, she said that it would be fun and all. and it really was, i was just having a grand 'ole time with all of my collections and really just exploring this site. i never in a million years thought that other people would like what i liked and it's just good to know that there are others like you out there. i am so happy that you all enjoyed these things as much as i did, because it makes me happy knowing that what i put out there people enjoyed at one point in time or another.

i am so sorry for being inactive and not posting since march 27th, 2019. since it is currently september 7th, 2020 in the middle of a whole pandemic! (luv u miss rona!) but anyways it was kind of nice being away from this but i missed it very much as well.

it is absolutely insane to think that there are 8,958 of you who enjoy what i put in my collections, articles, or posts! i love each and everyone of ya's! you all are and will forever be my lovely doves <3
i probably will write more articles and put out more collections for you all to see and enjoy!

make sure to take care of yourselves my lovelys <3

and obviously,

-Stay Not Ordinary, But Extraordinary <3

(ah ily :) and tpwk or do it the tommo way ;))