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Reading is most people's escape from the world. It is known to reduce stress and help fall asleep. It improves your general knowledge, vocabulary and memory. Some subjects can also bring you inner peace and/or tranquility. Plus, a study showed that reading, everyday, for at least 30 minutes extended the reader's life for 2 years in average.

2.Go Outside

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Being outside encourages physical activity, reduce stress and ease anxiety, depression or other mental health issues.

3.ME time

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ME time is extremely important. Relaxing after your daycan help your mental health a lot. So in the morning tell yourself that between that time and that time(for example; 8pm and 9pm) I dont do homework or any other work of some sort(cleaning included).

4. No Electronics Time(including tv)

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For some people, including me, this is really hard. Unplugging from internet is also a good thing for your mental health. I recommend this time be use for something other than showering/basic things you do everyday or homework.


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This one is for students. Taking some time to review what you learned today in class really helps studying later on. It can take 15 to 45 min.


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Taking 15 min. max to clean every night and/or morning is a good way to keep your house clean.

7.Watch/Read The News

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Stay uptaded on what happens in the world!

That's it for today!

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