Years ago, I've lamented that I have not been able to find a choker necklace that Abby wore on an episode of NCIS (Season 4, Episode 11).

This beastly necklace snagged the top spot on our list! It's beautiful, looks high-quality, and features unique narrow studs that no other choker has today. This was at a time long before companies took inspiration from Harley Quinn's "PUDDIN" choker.

abby, necklace, and bangs image

The good news is that I've been able to find a similar choker. The problem, though, is that we've searched for this gothic accessory when it's not really a gothic accessory at all!

Nope! It's a dog collar. 😂🤡 😂

If you search "oblong studded collar" online, you'll get this neat collar made by Leather Brothers. While it not the exact same one worn by Abby; hers has rectangular studs instead of rounded ones, it looks very similar and still looks like fire.

choker, goth, and Hot image

You can order them online; with one merchant selling them here.

They come in black and brown and in various lengths for dogs. But if you want one for you specifically, choose the 19" one! You can also try Amazon and see if you can find one for cheaper.

abby, necklace, and bangs image

That's it for this update! Imagine glamming up in this badass beast. Your look will be upgraded from "Antisocial" to "Prepare To Meet Your Doom"! Add this to your wardrobe or give it to your big mutt.