Even though we stuck in lockdown and quarantine due to COVID-19 all around the world, I wanted to give you constructive advice which people would be happy with. I want to give advice on how to make friends.

1. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM A FRIENDSHIP - from experience, you need to know what you expect from your friends. For example, if you are a giving person and sensitive then you should find friends who will respect your sensitive side. This means that a person who is rude unnecessarily, you should not be friends with them. If you are a person who likes to give then find people who can give back to you in other ways and make you feel special.

You should evaluate your personality and what you like and dislike. However, DO NOT EXPECT people to be perfect - no one is. Remember that some expectations are not realistic so ask around to friends and family and teachers if some expectations are unrealistic.

2. GO ONLINE - I would advise this to people who are 18+. This is because there are dangers to meeting people online when you are younger. If you are younger then stick to knowing mutual friends such as your friends' friends or their cousins. For older people, such platforms like Tinder (it doesn't need to be a place to hook up), Second Life and Discord chats which focus on your personal hobbies or likes.

3. BE CONFIDENT - You are beautiful and you are worth it, if you expect something from your friends, whether its a certain behaviour, stick with it. No one should treat you horribly! Not even your friends!

4. KNOW WHO YOU ARE - This is very self-explanatory, make sure that you know yourself and that your friends can't pressure you into doing things. Make friends who are secure or know themselves enough that they won't pressure you.

5. COMMUNICATION - you need to express to your friends once you have a friendship. If you don't like the way they talk to them, tell them! If they don't like it, don't be friends with them because they can't bring anything to the table and they will start to make you feel that what you request is complaining or you are trying to start issues.

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