Recently, I've gotten hooked on this Netflix show!

Name: Torrance Maverick

Nickname: Tori

Status: Kook

~ her family's choice


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Sandy waves and eyes that appear to have a twinkle in them. Her skin is naturally sun-kissed with freckles from all the time she spends on the beach.

Beach/ Boat-wear:

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Definitely a really nice house to grow up in when morning comes she can't wait to go out and do something she's ready for anything.

Island clothes:

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Casual and dressy at the same time for going out to Kook parties to have fun.


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She took up surfing first as a hobby that's how it started and to get off the kook side of the island. It ended up becoming one of her new favorite things to do and now she offers surfing lessons!


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She became fast-friends with Kiara and Sarah Cameron. Naturally, she met Pope, John B, and JJ soon after that. Also, she can't help liking Sarah Cameron and John B. as a couple.


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Opting for a baby pink dress and she kept the rest of her look simple.


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Raised by her parents Adrian and Valorie she loves living in the Outer Banks!

Time well spent:

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Out in the sun getting a tan, going on bike rides, swimming, and taking a long walk.