-Informal Questions-

Question: What is a Lesbian?

Answer: A Lesbian is a Female that has a sexual, romantic connection (or that is attracted) to another Female.

Question: What type of Females do Lesbians like?

Answer: A Lesbian can be attracted to any type of Female they like. Lesbians don't have a specific "style" or "type" that they have to go along with. They have all right to like whatever type of Girl they are attracted to.

Question: How many stages are there to a Lesbian, and what are the meanings behind them?

Answer: I believe there are 4 stages, but I can be wrong. The 3 stages I know so far are....

-Femme: A Feminine Girl that has the liking/interest in Girly Clothes, Make-Up, or any other average Female things.
(Safari: A FEMME is a Lesbian whose appearance and behavior are seen as traditionally feminine.)

-Stud: A Tom-Boyish Girl that has the liking/interest to Boy/Baggy Clothes, Sneakers, or any other average Boyish things.
(Safari: A STUD is a lesbian that also has natural masculinity about them that attracts a very Feminine Lesbian Woman. They also usually never uses their birth name when telling a feminine lesbian woman their name. They use a nickname or shortens their name to make it sound more masculinity enough to use.)

-Dyke: A Lesbian (LOL), but I don't think a lot of Lesbians like to be called a "dyke" because it CAN come off offensive. Why? I have no idea, but you should respect someone's privacy (Comfort Zone) if you want to keep a good connection with them, or not become Enemies. "DYKES" also act WAY more boyish than, well, probably even more than Males.

I couldn't find another "name" for Lesbians, but that's all I got for now.

Question: Why are Lesbians (females that like other females) called "Lesbians"?

Answer: No one really knows exactly who OR what made someone label them as "lesbians", but I guess if God's fine with it, then we are too..

Question: If a Female has sexual interaction with both Girls and Boys, but then labels themselves "Lesbian", do they still count as being "Bisexual"?

Answer: It depends. If a girl feels like they're a "lesbian", then they ARE a lesbian, whether they HAVE had a sexual or just normal interaction with both genders.

Question: Why do most lesbians act "bossy" towards their partners?

Answer: Most Lesbians like to be in charge, or even be the "master" of the relationship. So, they would be the "Dominant" one in the bed. The other partner in the bed would be labeled the "Submissive" one. I think they like being in charge of things, even out of bed, but just to FIT their description of being "masculine".

-Personal Questions-

Question: Have you ever been with a Female before?

Answer: No, I have not, but I would like to maybe have a Future GirlFriend....

Question: Are you interested in Marrying a Girl, or do you just keep it nice and simple?

Answer: I have NO interest in getting Married at all, but if I feel like I known you for a good amount of ears, and I truly love you and you truly love me then yeah we can get take another step forward. But other than that, I just WOULD like to keep it nice & simple.

(Last One) Question: Why do you know so much about Lesbians, and how did get so much information about them as well?

Answer: Well, as a LGBTQIAP Female, you're going to most likely want to know about your own Community. So, for me, I know so much because I not only need to know, but I also CARE. And it's honestly on the Internet so...