I've always loved taking photos but never fully got into it until I got a DSLR camera. Even then my photos would look "grey" or not vibrant enough.
Eventually after so much trial and error I discovered Adobe Lightroom and Lightroom Presets and boy do they make a big difference.

africa, golden hour, and beach image
This is one the first images I took on my camera.

After testing and buying a bunch of presets from different creators, I certainly have my favourites. I also want to add that you don't necessarily need a camera, a good smartphone camera gies a long way.
Since all of these creators are on Instagram, I'll add their handles as well.

  • Angela Giakas - @ angelagiakas, @ sundaychapterpresets
  • Marie Fe & Jake Snow - @ mariefeandjakesnow, @ majapresets
  • Hayley Andersen - @ haylsa, @ presetsbyhaylsa
  • Dirty Boots & Messy Hair - @ dirtybootsandmessyhair, @ dirtybootspresets

Each creator have both mobile and desktop presets. The mobile version of Adobe Lightroom is free unless you want the premium version which is about $9.99 (R66.99) / month. In all honesty, you don't even need the premium version unless you're a professional photographer or just really into photography.
Dirty boots presets are a bit pricy and are curated for photographers. The other presets are all rounders and aren't as dramatic.


A collection of images I taken thus far.

I also want to start adding before and after images of each creator's presets to truly show what a big difference it makes to any photo.


  • http://www.shopmariefeandjakesnow.com?aff=649
  • https://sundaychapterpresets.com/
  • https://www.presetsbyhaylsa.com/
  • https://dirtybootsandmessyhair.com/lightroom-presets/? utm_medium=static+bio+presets&utm_source=ig+bio&utm_campaign=static+bio+presets

If you hurry now you'll be able to catch some their sales before it ends, even grab a free preset.