”We are not born woman, we become one”
"On ne naît pas femme, on le devient" ( original quote in French )

Simone de Beauvoir

Women and men are born equal before nature. Yet over the centuries, humans have succeeded in establishing a hierarchy that prompts men to be superior and women to be inferior. This hierarchy, which is totally contrary to the natural order, has created ideologies about both sexes. The woman therefore found herself oppressed and inferior to the men who had, and still have, full powers.

The status of women has gradually declined. With her quote: "You are not born a woman, you become one", the famous french philosopher speaks out very clearly on the subject of women in society. She explains that today's society, which is run entirely by men, has alienated women so much that they have to fight to show that they are really women. “We become one” is an observation which means that to acquire the title of woman, one must not simply be born in possession of the female sex, unlike men. The female sex is irrelevant in this hierarchy while being born with a male sex automatically gives the right to be a man. The company will therefore judge the woman constantly until she conforms to the standards established by the men. For example, a woman should always be well made up and well dressed, with a dress and pink, preferably, so that the man will consider her worthy of the status of woman.

Personally, I totally agree with Simone de Beauvoir's quote. Women have been oppressed and categorized since the dawn of time. Any action a woman does will be judged by society and especially by men, even though there has been a lot of progress around feminism. For now, today's society will not succeed in erasing gender inequalities because they have always been entrenched in manners. Already in Antiquity, the notion of “family man” existed, in the Middle Ages women were confined to the role of mother who had to bless the man with a son and, finally, in the Renaissance, women no did not have access to the same education as men. Becoming a woman is therefore a constant struggle in a society that is still trying to evolve.


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