Hello beautiful people

let's get into it

  • January ☁

stargazing, photo album, overwhelmingly deep thoughts, infinity scarves, leather jacket, différent shade of grey, perceptive, still makes mixtapes, likes 80's movies.

accessories, denim, and fashion image Image by Cöny...
  • February ☁

oversized hoodies, messy hair, gentle cuddles on the coutch, rom coms, pastel colors, cute doodles, buttrefly kisses, quirky love notes, adores emojis, hopeless romantic.

vogue, coffee, and quotes image aesthetic, alternative, and bambi image
  • March ☁

strong coffee, dark chocolate, documentaries, analytical, perfect balance of right & left brain, intence, moody, know.it.all, intelligent conversations, rude but endearing, secretly kinda insane.

aesthetic, autumn, and bed image school image
  • April ☁

rainy days, open windows, piles of books, sleek laptop cover, blogger life, quirky morning rituels, is always ready for coffee or tea, actually know what brunch is.

rain, quotes, and green image flowers, rainy days, and perfect image
  • May ☁

flower crowns, succulants, daisy chaines, minimalistic, thrift shop, plays ukulele, cute glasses, always called "hipster", is fascinated bees, suports local coffee shops, probably a vegan(or trying to be).

besties, friends, and bff image aesthetic, cream, and minimalist image
  • June ☁

beachy waves, freckless, is addicted to sunshine, outdoorsy, adventurious, actually likes to be active, a kind hearted loner, she can probably surf, has the best instagram feed ever.

beach, summer, and sand image beach dress image
  • July ☁

bonfires, sparklers, cutof jeans, dancing late into the night, wild laughfter, picnincs, running barefoot, free spirit, iced lemonade, probably drives too fast, forever young.

friends, beach, and summer image love, couple, and dance image
  • August ☁

graffitti, torn denim, laceup sneakers, wreck this journal, dyed hair, wants or has tatoos, hot topics for days, doesn't take crap from anyone, was probably an emo at highschool.

blue jeans, jeans, and ripped jeans image hair, pink, and beauty image
  • September ☁

notebooks, scribbles, highligher pens, cardigans, scented candles, notes in margins, muted colors, loves the smell of books, constantly feels outa place, ovethinking everythings.

aesthetic, brown, and book image book and reading image
  • Octobre ☁

pumpkin flavored everything, fancy coffee, glitter, likes the nice things, sassy, prefers to be treated like royality, gullible, scary when angry, dramatic as heck.

book, coffee, and autumn image autumn, cat, and fall image
  • November ☁

knitted jumpers, leg warmers, candid smiles, blaid bottom.ups, soft aesthetic, nude tones, indie music, bullet journals, always takes suger & cream in their coffee.

audrey hepburn, smile, and laugh image fashion, outfit, and skirt image
  • December ☁

warm smiles, bright colors, hot chocolate, fresh baked cookies, mature, probably a hugger, talkative, total mom friend, loves everyone, is always ready to let you rant.

aesthetic, bambi, and beauty image chocolate, drink, and food image

This was so fun to write💌, but i don't think it's all true, my month is august but i'm more like march or april 😅. You may find your personality in another month or even a mixture of two months🙃.so give yourself time until you find who really you are


take care,