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Thirteenth day. 13/30.

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I'm not sure. I don't pay much attention to that (I'm kinda embarrassed for saying that).
But, I'll choose Nobuhiko Okamoto.
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Because he is Usui's voice actor and I love Usui's voice.
Kento Ito.
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Also because I love his voice.
Now, without saying names, I truly admire the voice actors of main shounen characters (most of them yell a lot), yaoi ukes (I mean, I don't think moaning is the most pleasant job yk) and lolis (just imagine doing a kid's voice all the time and all that "nii-san", "*** senpai"). I know that's their job. They're used to all kind of voice acting, but idk... What do you guys think?
I think that's enough for today.
Thank you for reading.
I hope y'all liked it.

Have a good day (or night).

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Cover: Ayuzawa Mizaki, from Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! (Maid-Sama!).