Hi lovelies,

due to a not so funny pandemic summer has been rough and tbh couldn't even enjoy a bit of it. I'm usually not into summer fashion which is why rainy and cloudy weather is welcomed.

Disclaimer: The following content is handpicked after trends and my taste.

colours / shades

fashion, girl, and outfit image Image removed fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image fashion, outfit, and style image
beige, sandstone, nude, brown, olive green, taupe, brownish red, black and white

statement pieces

fashion, beige, and brown image fashion and nike image fashion, outfit, and Prada image black, jewelry, and look image fashion, beige, and blazer image fashion, outfit, and skirt image
sweaters, jogger sets, coats, flared pants, blazer, maxi skirt


bag, beige, and designer image fashion image Inspiring Image on We Heart It accessories, chic, and earrings image
bag of your choice, golden jewelry, sunnies, little hoops


sneakers, gucci, and nike image shoes, fashion, and black image boots, fashion inspiration, and high heels image boots, brown, and fashion image
sneakers, dr. martens, croc boots/overknees


fashion and style image fashion, bag, and outfit image fashion, style, and chic image fashion, style, and accesories image
plaid, houndstooth, burberry checks, animal print

with love,