Hi guys, for today's article I wanted to do this tag which seems super fun and I've seen a lot of articles like that here on whi !

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- Name: White rose

- Hours weekdays: 8am-8pm

- Hours weekends: 8am-10pm

- Location: Rome, Italy, more in particular in one of my fav areas of Rome, Trastevere !

italy, rome, and street image italy, rome, and travel image travel, italy, and restaurant image italy, travel, and orange image italy, neighborhood, and rome image architecture, buildings, and city image

- Exterior: white walls, black windows and wooden/marble tables with some flowers or plants on them :)

aesthetic and cafe image coffee, drinks, and food image aesthetic, place, and soft image cafe, cities, and coffee image

- Interior: again with white walls, wooden and marble furniture with black and gold details, many plants and art pieces on the walls !

background, shop, and coffee shop image bread, coffee, and white image coffee, cafe, and theme image coffee and flowers image

- Decor: as I already said, I would love to have plants or also some flowers, art pieces like paintings on the walls, some big cool lamps on the counter top and maybe also a flourescent light with a phrase written on it :)

aesthetic, baby, and dear image cafe, coffee, and white image food image coffee break, fashion, and tumblr image
cafe, check, and coffee image interior, plants, and cafe image food, healthy, and delicious image coffee, drink, and light image

- Menu


Image by DE POSTRE UN POLO music and coffee image
1. Coffee (which, in Italy, is black and short, the 'espresso'!).
afternoon, love, and alternative image marshmallow, winter, and christmas image
2. Cappuccino
coffee, cafe, and cup image amazing, blog, and cook image
3. Caffellatte (milk and black coffee)
aesthetic, dalgona, and coffee image aesthetic, glittery, and messy image
4. Crema di caffè (coffee cream, which is made with a typical machine and it is usually something fresh, perfect for summer !)
chocolate, dessert, and tiramisu image accessories, aesthetic, and caffeine image
5. Caffè shakerato (cold coffee with vanilla ice cream and it is optional to add some alcohol !)
glass, summer, and water image figs, food, and fruit image
6. Water
coffee image coffee, flowers, and rose image
7. Tea (different types of course)
drink, food, and summer image drink, summer, and food image
8. Juices (different fruits tastes)
grapefruit, honey, and summer image blueberry, ice, and granita image
9. Granita (typical italian drink with ice fragments; again, perfect for summer)
aesthetic, food, and breakfast image aesthetic, japanese, and korean image
10. Milk
coffee, drink, and aesthetic image Image by -`𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐬´-
11. Vegan milk (coconut, rice or almond)
coffee, drink, and chocolate image chocolate, food, and drink image
12. Hot chocolate


aesthetic, aesthetics, and bakery image Image by ♡ кαяℓα ♡
1. Croissant (with various garnish: chocolate, marmalade, honey, cream or without anything on the inside!)
Image by Jarbas Jacare breakfast, coffee, and food image
2. Saccottino di cioccolato, which is another italian type of pastries with chocolate inside
food, fruit, and breakfast image food, breakfast, and croissant image
3. Treccia, another type of pastry which means 'braid' for its typical shape!
Image removed coffee and cozy image
4. Bomba, another pastry which means 'bomb' because it is round and has the garnish inside, on the centre, and usually powdered sugar on top !)
food, sweet, and chocolate image Image by ✨8Makes1Team✨
5. Cannoli, typical Sicilian pastries with sugared ricotta (a type of cheese), and chocolate or pistachio
chocolate, delicious, and eggless image food, croissant, and breakfast image
6. Tartlets
dessert and food image chocolate, chocolates, and cupcake image
7. Muffins

and that's it, because in Italy a coffee place is usually 100% sugary things and not also savory ones :(

- Music

I would put my favorite music: the 1975, Arctic Monkeys, some 'calm' SWS or BMTH songs, not the too hardcore ones.. and also many cool bands from the past !

Ok guys, so that's it, I had a lot of fun writing this article and I hope you loved it. Thank you for your everyday likes and support and I'll see you guys soon with a new article,