what was your favorite childhood princess (has it changed?)?

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Jasmine and no it hasn't

what was your favorite childhood movie that you still love?

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what was your favorite childhood snack/candy?

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what was your favorite childhood toy/video game?

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how did you meet your childhood bestfriend? are you still friends?

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we lived right across the street from each other and just started hanging out. and yes, we're still besties thank god

what tv shows did you watch after school?

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it was always either icarly or drake & josh

is there a song that reminds you of your childhood?

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yes! club can't handle me by flo rida, no sleep by wiz Khalifa, fire burning by Sean Kingston and good life by onerepublic

what book/movie/tv show character did you relate to most when you were younger?

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Alex Russo because she was what inspired me to be tomboy-ish when I was insecure about how much I liked playing sports, wearing jeans and having shorter hair compared to other girls in my grade

who did you admire the most when you were younger (real or fictional)?

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Beyonce! and I still do

what is one thing you wish you could bring back from your childhood?

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the music and tv shows.

hope you enjoyed!