hello people,
so this won't be a super aesthetic article, i just wanna say that i'm bisexual and born in a muslim family. i didn't think it'd be that hard actually. but it fucking is. it's so hard and i've been crying myself into sleep the last two days. all i can say is that i'm really suffering.
my parents are super old fashioned. they are the opinion that women have to stay at home while the men go to work. i wanna study on laws since i wanna be a lawyer. but my parents don't allow me because "i'm a girl". my cousin is doing his studies as well, but of course i am not allowed to compare myself to him because he is a fucking man. i'm so disgusted of men.
i can't ever come out to my family due to that. i just had a conversation with them and you guys have no clue how much i cried. it was obvious that they're homophobic. they said things like i shouldn't compare myself to other people because they are shit and we are muslims. i was so close to just scream it out that i'm bisexual and absolutely in love with a girl.
i wish i could move out, i mean i'm 18 but it's not that easy actually.
my parents also don't believe in mental health issues. i told them multiple times that i hurt myself and my mom was only like "pray to god and you'll be fine". yeah sure. i mean even if i pray, it doesn't help a lot. if i lose the control it happens.
i really have suicidal thoughts. and i wish i didn't have them. i wish i could live the life i wanted.

that's it. i don't have anything to say. my life sucks.

and if yours sucks too, don't hesitate to message me.