10 TAKEAWAYS from the book "The Greatest Salesman In the World" 📚

1. Each day is a new beginning. Every day you have a chance to live a new life you desire. Take your dreams and turn them into actions. ✨

2. Be loving to every kind. Always start a day with love in your heart. 💙

3. You are not on this earth by chance. You are meant to be here. 🌍

4. Live your every day as if it’s your last day. 🎉

5. Always persist, until you will success. Do not forget to take breaks whenever you feel like it. 🙌🏻

6. Live in the present. Yesterday is buried forever. Value your time and never waste it. ⏰

7. Always laugh and do not take things too seriously. 😄

8. Patience is the key to your success on your path. 🔑

9. Control your emotions in everything you do. 🤬

10. With love, you can increase your sales and become a great salesman. 💸

Do you read books? If yes, which genre of books you enjoy the most? 📕





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