as we all need euphoria to feel alive these days, listen to my euphoria playlist when ur not shy hahaha....unless <3
i love rue and jules sm, i don't wanna sound like the rest of the internet but these two give me THE CHILLSSSS.
anyways, here is the linkkkk:

formula / labrinth
euphoria, rue, and rules image
just look at them awwwwhhhh
smalltown boy / Bronski Beat
aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image colors, night, and wonderful image
Apocalypse / Cigarettes after Sex
euphoria, rue bennett, and gif image
After Hours / The Weeknd
euphoria, hunter schafer, and jules vaughn image party image
Nate Growing Up / Labrinth
art, blue, and colorful image
Sparks / Coldplay
Image removed Image by azarovajulya
She / Harry Styles
gif, sexy, and kat hernandez image
My Tears are becoming a Sea / M83
maddy perez, alexademie, and euphoria image aesthetic, alternative, and anxiety image
Forever / Labrinth
euphoria and angus cloud image
guysss, there are soooo much more in my playlist; go check it out :)

i am almost finished with the show & i am super sadddd.
i will rewatch it a hundred times, till my tears are becoming a sea!!!
have a nice sunday folks <3