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name: alina ziegler
birthday: march 17
zodiac sign: pisces
mbti: entj
lives in: baden-württemberg, germany
born in: baden-württemberg, germany
famous for: writing


Image removed eyes, pale, and blue image aesthetic, alt, and alternative image body, chubby, and fat image
blue, shoulder long hair; blue eyes, pale skin, freckles; septum piercing; chubby body


sad, lisa simpson, and the simpsons image quotes, pretty, and words image quotes, writer, and words image book, blue, and ravenclaw image candle, aesthetic, and witch image dog, sheep, and animal image
sad, smart, caring, well read, witchy, vegan


outfit, yellow, and fashion image aesthetic, green, and flowers image indie and alt image aesthetic, art, and bustier image dress, fashion, and girl image girl, book, and vintage image
a mix between cottagecore and vintage streetwear
interwies etc.
fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, girl, and aesthetic image boss chic, outfits, and outfit ideas image Angelina Jolie image
special occasions
dress, fashion, and outfit image dress and fashion image dress, fashion, and blue image clothes, dress, and fashion image
silky or glittery dresses

make up

aesthetic, fashion, and girl image makeup, eye, and eyes image Image removed aesthetic, makeup, and flowers image
soft cottagecore make up or dark make up with big eyeliners

famous friends

finn, rp, and strp image finn wolfhard image chloe moriondo image chloe moriondo image icon, icons, and icongirl image aesthetic, boy, and fashion image zombie, youtuber, and iblali image viktor and iblali image
finn wolfhard, chloe moriondo, taddl & vik (iblali)

how I got famous

book, coffee, and study image quotes, beauty, and woman image kpop, kimyerim, and yeritheme image aesthetic, director, and movie image
my book went public in germany but it also got translated to english and was a big bop. now it gets a show sequal on netflix.
that's it! I hope you enjoyed it :) xoxo,