Guys! GUUUUYS!! 2020 is literally giving us bops after bops! And I love it! So many kpop songs that are really awesome. And I'm really really happy about it because last year was kinda disappointing. BUT this year is different. In my opinion this years music is more unique because I think a lot of kpop artist are finding their own style in music. It's a looooong playlist and I realized that I mostly listened to soloists this time. So here's my playlist :)

Bang Ye Dam - WAYO

treasure, yedam, and bangyedam image treasure, yedam, and bang yedam image
This my friends is called TALENT.

DKB - Still

lune, preview, and sungmin image dkb image
You see these cuties? Their music is the opposite.

Baekhyun - Candy

candy, ‎엑소‬ ‪, and exo image
Girl I'm your candy

Yubin - yaya (ME TIME)

wonder girls, yubin, and kim yubin image wonder girls, yubin, and kim yubin image
This time the solo comebacks are hella good. Yeah I need me time, me time!

TWICE - More & More

twice, jihyo, and kpop image aesthetic, icon, and kpop image
I love this concept they all look like fairies! And I like the chill vibes from the song.

Golden Child - ONE

gif, idol, and kpop image
Masterpiece! I can't describe this song in words you need to listen to it! RIGHT NOW!

Corbyn - Miro

cory and miro image boys, kpop, and 24k image
His vocals like damn boy! It's heaven to me.

SEVENTEEN - Left & Right

17, carat, and moon jun image
I love this song! That is Sevennteens signature concept and I hope to hear more songs like this by them.

Sunmi - pporappippam

sunmi, kpop, and wonder girls image heroine, lalalay, and korean image
The queen is back!!!! And I like like it!

Hwa Sa - Maria

maria, hyejin, and hwasa image maria, hyejin, and hwasa image
Another queen is back! So proud of you gurl keep doing what you love.

1THE9 - Bad Guy

kpop image junseo, 1the9, and oui image
It's sad that this group is just temporary. This comeback was chef kisses!

WOODZ - Accident

boy, kpop, and csy image seungyoun, uniq, and boys image
This cutie has vocals like an angel. Please listen to his songs you're not gonna regret!

ENOi - W.A.Y

gun, way, and enoi image gun, jeonghoon, and laon image
My new find. Gurl get on your phone and listen to this bop! Self producing kings, just saying..

Han Seungwoo - Sacrifice

gif, kpop, and x1 image
The one and only Han Seungwoo with his debut album go! go! go straight on youtube and watch his m/v to this bop!

ONF - Sukhumvit Swimming

kpop, mk, and minkyun image kpop, hyojin, and onf image
What?! You still didn't watch their new comeback? Are you kidding me?!! Go watch now FOR GODS' SAKE!!

WONHO - Losing You

aesthetic, alternative, and kpop image aesthetic, alternative, and kpop image aesthetic, alternative, and kpop image aesthetic, alternative, and kpop image
As a Monbebe I shed tears as soon as I listened to this song. He will never lose me. I will never ditch him. Monbebe and Wenee for life <3