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so i found this @goodbyexemotion article and i thought about doing this too, since i had nothing else to do…
well, i like to believe i don’t exactly have a type of guy, but when i look back to my ex boyfriends or guys i went out, i realize they have a lot in common! maybe that’s why things didn’t work out…
anyway, let’s go

here her article, don’t forget to check it!

1. adventurous or reliable?

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this is a difficult question, but i think i prefer an adventures guy, just like me

2. dad material or career chaser?

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maybe a mix of both… because i want to have a good career and having by my side someone that gets that, would make things easier, but i also want a family, so again, having someone that wants that too, would be amazing…

3. dog or cat person?

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currently, i can’t have pets, but i’ll for sure have a dog when i have my own house, so definitely a dog person!

4. rich in money or rich in mind and soul?

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rich in mind and soul, no doubt! i mean, that’s what really matters! although i won’t lie! of course, i want to be rich! but we can achieve that together! that way, it’ll be even better!

5. religious or not religious?

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actually, i couldn’t care less about that! that’s totally up to him! just don’t make me go to church!

6. full lips or thin lips?

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ok, so i’ve dated guys with full lips and guys with thin lips, and trust me! full lips are everything!! oh god, i can’t explain, but i guess that feels better to kiss someone with full lips… (no sense in here, i guess, but that’s it)

7. sarcastic and witty or romantic and sensitive?

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i’m sarcastic af, and it would make sense to “choose” someone romantic, but usually i hate all those romantic/lame/cheesy things, so for sure i prefer someone sarcastic and witty

8. facial hair or no facial hair?

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facial hair! for sure!! this may sound weird, but i love run my nails over a guy beard!!

9. funny or serious?

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funny! i always try to make jokes, most of them, stupid ones, so you know, a serious guy would make everything so difficult to me…

10. tall or short?

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tall! i’m small, and it’s “confortable” when a tall guy hugs you, specially from behind…

11. dark or light eyes?

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i prefer dark eyes, but i couldn’t care less about that…

12. smart or hardworking?

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hardworking, but i won’t lie! a smart guy is f*cking attractive, but an hardworking guy means he won’t give up one you easy!

13. boy in soul or manly and serious?

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i think manly, not really sure…

14. short or long hair?

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short!! there’s no other way!

15. light hair color or dark?

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i prefer dark color, but again i couldn’t care less about that…

16. freckles or no freckles?

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freckles are so damn attractive!!! but not too much…

17. long fingers or wide palms?

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long fingers! i love when a guy runs his fingers over my back…

18. a good fashion sense or doesn’t matter?

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i don’t care, but i love when a guy knows something about fashion

19. muscular or not muscular?

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i like something in the middle… like muscular, but not too much…

20. loves to dance or loves to cook/bake?

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both! but if i have to choose one, i would prefer someone who loves to dance because i’m such a bad dancer and he could help/teach me…

21. loves playing video games or sports?

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sports!! i love football, so a guy that likes football owns my heart!

22. wear watches or rings?

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watches i love watches, and if he love them to, perfect so i can also wear his watches

23. loves taking you to restaurants or for walks?

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walks i love going to new restaurants, but i love even more go for walks!

24. tattoos or no tattoos?

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tattoos! but that’s up to him

25. older or younger than you?

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older!! i never dated a younger boy, and i don’t even want that…

and that’s it! feel free to do this challenge and don’t forget to tag me, i would love to read them!
it’s everything for today! thank you for reading! i’ll come back soon with more
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