During this quarantine, like everyone else, I learned the word manifesting. Oh and I also been doing a lot of online window shopping. I have a raging individuality complex and I fuel it by wearing shoes no one else I know has. This simultaneously feeds my superiority complex, killing two birds with one stone :D Here are some sneakers I will be purchasing. Lessgoooo!!!

1. Nike Mid Blazers - $100

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Here's the thing, I'm 5'6 with a long torso and short legs. So hightops, at least in the past, made me look stumpy. That being said, I've lost weight since the last time I wore hightops so maybe my proportions are more suitable for this type of shoe bc I really want these in both colors.

2. New Balance Classics 997H Moonbeam - $90.00

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These sneakers dance ever so gracefully on the line between chic and hideous and I love that. You either love them or hate them and a majority of my friends and family feel the latter but that's alright. I've been buying more beiges and browns and these shoes would go great w/ them and the accent of gold would match my jewelry

3. Nike Air Max Verona Coast Blue - $120

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I have a rule for myself to not buy shoes more than 100$ but these are changing my mind. I recently bought my first pair of Air Max's and they're so comfy and the sole was thicker than I excepted (which I love bc I love platform shoes) so I know these would be fire.

4. Old Skool V Marshmallow - $65

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Again, some shoes that are arguably ugly. I don't really like vans but I know for a fact I would wear these all the time because of the comfort and efficiency they provide with the velcro. Also this color muah! These would look great with flared or wide leg pants. Wish they had a platform option >.<

Venmo me some money so I can buy these shoes or preferably check out my etsy shop where I'm raising money for the Loveland Foundation, an organization that works to get Black women and girls mental health resources, through cute stickers you can see in my one and only collection. Thanks for reading! Peace!!

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