hey! so i just bumped into this article called "30 Day Get To Know Me Challenge" and i thought it was cute to do. all credits go to @TypicalGirl. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to heart this article if you like.

1. I own a YouTube Channel and I started to grow faster because of a Conor Maynard video. (I used to have over 2M views on that video but now I put it on private because of the music copyright)
2. I need to start my day off with some coffee or else I get an headache.
3. When I was younger I attended singing lessons. I don't sing anymore but I write a lot of songs.
4. I can speak italian, english, spanish, french and I understand a little bit of portuguese.
5. I can program in C++.
6. I have a dog named Kyle.
7. I hate cheese from the bottom of my heart. (I'm actually scared of it lmao)
8. I used to write fanfictions on Wattpad when I was younger.
9. I have an addiction for cups.
10. I suffer from anxiety disorder, depression and sleep paralysis.
11. This year my insomnia got so bad I had to take pills to sleep (I still take them every night).
12. I left university because I wanted to study something else.
13. I spent most of my childhood roleplaying that's why I know a lot of people from around the world.
14. I love making playlists for anything.
15. I lost all my friends and now I'm left with my bestfriend who doesn't even talk to me that much.
16. Lately I start my days at 5.30 in the morning, I don't know why, I just wake up and can't sleep anymore.
17. I love playing videogames, I own a ps4. (You can add me on psn if you want, just ask me in private)
18. I have a sister who's 6 years older than me.
19. I never went on vacation with friends.
20. My natural hair color is dark-brown, almost black. I dyed my hair red when I was 16, I've had red hair for at least 2 or 3 years, then I tried to go back to my natural color. Now I'm 19 years old and my hair is kinda blonde.

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