Hello there!

This is an article that I wanted to share with you for a long time now. The topic of it is Instagram. Yes, you read that right. Instagram. The following will give an insight on my journey with this plattform, how it used to influence my life in a negative way, how it became a beautiful addition to my life, that inspires me in so many ways and finally, what "the supporting Instagram Community" could be for us and how you can be a part of it.

When I was about 15 or 16 years old, I joined the trend to create an instagram account and share my life with friends and other people. I really loved sharing pictures and getting likes and comments for them. The only problem was, that the number of likes and comments had a pretty big inpact on me. Whenever there were not as much likes as I belived I deserved, i felt sad about it. Immediately, I started doubting my pictures and also myself. I compared my pictures to pictures from other people, that had many more likes and tried to find a way to get as popular as they were. It was kind of like a downwards spiral because the more I tried to look like the person I thought would get more likes, the more fake the pictures looked. That lead to even less likes. It actually got so worse, that Instagram could change my mood from good to bad in only two seconds. About a month before my 20th birthday I decided to delete my Instagram account for good and not care about likes anymore. It was hard the first couple of weeks, as it had been kind of like an addiction, looking at pictures from others and trying to look at least as good on photos. But after about a month, I didn't miss it anymore. I started taking photos, from me, my friends and beautiful places I visited. I came to the conclution, that the most beautiful pictures were actually those, I would have never posted on Instagram. Pictures of me, laughing like crazy, tripping over something, or just chilling in a deckchair in a very comfortable way. These pictures had a story in it and that was, what made them so special.

About two months ago, I decided for myself to start a new Instagram account. But this time, I would not fake any photo at all, anymore. I would post pictures, that show the beautiful places I visit, picture in which one can tell, that I am happy where I am at. I refused to follow people which mirror a perfect life on Instagram. I started following accounts which were not that popular at all, but posted pictures that inspired me. Immediately after, it started to get a very fun activity, checking out people's Instagram, getting inspired by the numerous places they visited, enjoying their pictures of the beach, beautiful flowerfields, yummy food, etc. I began to comment their pictures, by describing what I really loved about it. The best thing about it is, that they mostly always respond and check out my Instagram too. I really loved the thought of complementing someone's picture and getting a response to my own feed. And this is how I got the idea of a supporting Instagram community.

Imagine finding new beautiful places, getting inspired by furniture, finally knowing what to cook on saturday or being sure about what to wear on your next date, just by checking out Instagram accounts from people like me and you. Imagine giving a compliment on a photo you really like and knowing that you make someone's day with your comment, which cost you about 10 seconds. And finally imagine this personen commenting something nice under your picture. Doesen't this sound so wonderful? Because I think it does!

I would love to try and build up a community just by commenting pictures from people that really inspire me and getting a feedback from them. So now you may think: But how do we start something like this, without creating annoying group chats etc.

Well, easy: just leave a positive comment under a picture mine. Start and end the comment with the emoji ✨
(e.g.: ✨Nice pic! I really love sunflowers!✨)

Start commenting one or two pictures of mine with the ✨ emoji. I am going to check out your Insta Feed and comment something nice under your pictures, also using the ✨ emoji. This way, not only I know that you are part of the community, but also every other person that checks out my pictures. This way we can find each other and know for sure, that the person behind this account is down for checking out your feed and leave something nice there. It is going to work like a snowball concept.

I would really love to see, that more people than just me, are open for checking out small Instagram accounts and getting inspired by them, as the pictures, most of the time, are at least as good as pictures from Instagram Influencer.

Are you down for it? I hope that I am going to find some ✨ in my Feed so that I know that there are many other people out there that want to be part of a supporting Instagram Community!

Also, I would really love to hear about your relationship to instagram. Just send me a DM, I'd love to read it! 🧡

Instagram: @nessa__berger

Much love