What I'm about to say may be controversial or frowned upon but that won't stop me from speaking my truth!! Jk, this is all in good fun. Here's some "pop" singers that should make an R&B album because it would be very pleasing to me seeing how R&B is my favorite genre. Alrighty, Lessgo!!!!

1. Ariana Grande

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First off , Sweetener is Ariana's best album. Now I say this having never listened to the entirety of any other of Ms. Grande's albums but when songs like Better off, Get Well Soon, and Rem are all on the same record, no other album even matters. Sweetener def has R&B songs (^the ones I just listed) but the majority of the songs are pop (just because you put a rap verse in it, doesn't make it R&B). On this album I would definitely need songs similar to the 3 I mentioned but also some like Baby I from Yours Truly for a lil old Ari. Btw the way if you think Sweetener is Ariana's worst album, you're anti-black ;)

2. Alessia Cara

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The song that catapulted Alessia into fame was literally an R&B song.Yes, I am talking about Here. The fact that Alessia only has 2 songs I can label as R&B is very upsettiing. She has such a great, distinctive voice and a nice lower range. Would die for a Neo Soul album from her. She has a song called Comfortable that is absolutely amazing with loud brass instruments and a jazzy, old school feel. Alessia, I'm begging you at this point, make an R&B album. I want absolutely no pop songs and all acoustic instruments (maybe a lil reverb, and a lil electric guitar, and lil bass). This album I imagine would sound like Lauryn Hill and Baby Rose's All to Myself (if you don't know this album check it out please, its beautiful)

3. Shawn Mendes

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Lol, I'm not gonna lie, this would be hard for him. I went through a Shawn Mendes phase last year after I watched that thirsty tweets video he did and convinced myself he had the chops. His voice isn't anything special honestly but his lyrics are cute. He be doing some falsetto but I need some runs. The Why Remix made me think that maybe an R&B album is possible for the boy but in hindsight, the king himself, Leon Bridges, featured on that song. I need him to take some notes from other white men doing the damn thing like James Vickery and Maverick Sabre. I could hear Shawn singing this song called Lost In My Boots by Kwaye. Very simple but an amazing song with powerful, interesting vocals.

4. Billie Eilish

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(Some people may not see her as pop but she's pop and that's okay). With no song remotely close to R&B, I still strongly believe Billie Eilish would create an amazing, of course very alternative, R&B album. I just want to see what an R&B album by her would sound like. She has such a specific yet broad style. With her dreamy, soft voice she reminds me of Sabrina Claudio but her instrumentals would go crazy like Nai Palm of Hiatus Kaiyote or Snoh Aalegra. (Everything I Wanted is her best song btw)

5. Ruel

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It's no coincidence that Ruel's best songs (Real Thing and Face to Face) are also songs I'd label as R&B. His voice is so nice and husky, it's a shame he's using it on such mediocre pop songs. I went to his concert in Seattle last October and he covered Pink Matter by Frank Ocean. I personally enjoyed it more and thought it fit him better than a majority of his own songs. He's still a teenager so he's probably still finding his style but hopefully his next project is outlandishly R&B. I feel like Lucky Daye and Dijon or Anderson Paak would be great inspos for him. Would love him to go down the alternative path and do some funky autotune and voice manipulation like Frank.