I'm back baby🖤. I saw this tag a long time ago and lost inspiration when my classes began. But here I'm am. Tired as ever.I hope you are having an amazing day and enjoy the article.

10 things you would like in your dream house.

home, luxury, and house image home, house, and room image
Big entrance with a beautiful chandelier // Theater room.
home and house image pool, house, and luxury image
Private gym // Indoor pool.
bathroom, bath, and home image closet, home, and clothes image
A big bathtub with a gorgeous view // A walk - in closet.
kitchen, home, and house image flowers, nature, and garden image
Rustic open concept kitchen // Rose garden (my dream).
interior image recording studio and kristina bazan image
Home office // Recording studio.

9 things about your favourite season (summer).

Abusive image 80s, eighties, and french cinema image
Tanning // Sunsets.
Image by mystyle 90s, fashion, and flowers image
Hanging with my besties // Using cute crop tops.
alcohol, girls, and guys image homework, me, and funny image
More partys // No school.
peach, fruit, and food image food, picnic, and fruit image
Eating fresh fruits every day // Picnics.
Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚

8 songs from your childhood/teenage years.

Abba and music image work, iggy azalea, and Iggy image
Dancing queen // Work.
black and white, heart, and Lyrics image Image by Jule Blume
Over again // Someone like you.
Image by ✿.。.:* ☆:**:. 𝒫𝒶𝓉𝓇𝒾 .:**:.☆*.:。.✿ funny, rihanna, and shakira image
Bang bang // Anything by Shakira rlly.
boy, glee, and cory monteith image art and demons image
Keep holding on (Glee cover) // Demons.

7 qualities in a significant other.

couple, love, and night image couple, love, and boy image
loyal // affectionate// funny// ambitious// honest// adventurous// independant.

6 things you do when you wake up in the morning.

love, aesthetic, and quotes image dog, puppy, and cute image
Send my boo a good morning text // Check on my baby.
coffee, breakfast, and food image girl, mask, and beauty image
Eat breakfast // Drink a glass of water (sometimes with lemon).
girl, bathroom, and beauty image beauty, cosmetics, and makeup image
Shower // Follow my skin - care routine.

5 fictional characters you identify with/similiar to.

modern family and mitchell pritchett image
Mitchell Pritchett.
gif, mark gatiss, and mycroft holmes image
Mary Watson.
gif, michael, and scene image
Eleanor Shellstrop.
bitch, love me, and love image
Santana Lopez.
gif, brooklyn nine nine, and raymond holt image
Captain Raymond Holt.

4 pet peeves you have.

girl, beauty, and makeup image sleep and all day image
Lazy people who complain about how hard achieving things is // People that take credit for other people's work // People who don't take care of their pets // Rudeness.

3 colours you wear the most.

beauty, kiss, and pretty image
fashion, blue, and gold jewelry image
sweatshirt and sporty chic image

2 talents you wish you had.

Image by Private User ariana grande and ariana image
painting // singing.

1 thing you’re looking forward to right now.

aesthetic, desk, and room image anxiety, gilmore girls, and life image
pass my final exams.