It is safe to say that everyone always thinks about the "what ifs." I am a huge with overthinking and I always think about, "what if I choose this path rather than the one I am on?" It can drive a person crazy, but at the end I realized I am glad I ended up where I am today and who knows where that "what if" would take me.

An example of my "what if," would be back in high school when I had a crush on someone which lasted a long time. I always wondered "what if I told him how I felt," would we have ruined our friendship or would he feel the same way? This is not something I overthink everyday, but its a once a while kind of though. Truth be told, I do not care anymore about it. I am in an amazing relationship and engagement with someone I deeply love and I am so glad I met. These "what if" thoughts are mediocre to me. I talk to my past crush from time to time, but it helped me realize I do not care for him the same way I care for my fiancé. He is someone of the past and I want my past to stay in the past. I am currently living in the present working my way to create an amazing future that I have held deep in my heart and the path I have chosen helped lead me to where I am today.

These "what if" are not bad to think about from time to time, but my head should not stay in the past. I should move forward and acknowledge my accomplishments and the path I have chosen. The only thing I want to ask myself each day is which is the best path for me that does not drive me insane and keep my mental health in check from time to time. I cannot continue overthinking because it can become something negative. I can only do what is best for me and bring positive energy into my life. And I hope you guys can do the same for yourselves. Get your head out of the past and find something to look forward to that will benefit you and only you.

Thank you.