hello dreamers!

since i started my spiritual journey, i have learned a lot about how to do everything with an intention and in a consciously way, it is the best to reach the maximum potential of something and achieve what you want at a higher level of happiness.

so today i decided to teach you how to create a spiritual morning routine that suits you. don't trust people who say they have the perfect morning routine or anything like that, trust yourself and do what's best for you.

let's go

FIRST STEP: write your goal for that week/month/6 month period
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example: this week i have a video to deliver to one of my university classes and i wanna study at least two hours of french a day.
your morning routine will be based on what you have written. so this week you will choose a time to wake up, a time to sleep, what you will do first (shower/breakfast/journal etc), what you will eat to boost your productivity and how many hours you will spend doing each activity.
SECOND STEP: introduce spiritual & mindfulness activities to this routine
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  • meditation
  • yoga
  • cold baths
  • smoke cleansing (incense)
  • stretches
  • journaling
  • drinking teas with specific herbs
  • spend 15 minutes in the sun
  • listening to frequencies
  • breathing exercises
THIRD STEP: stick with your routine and don't compare yourself
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if your morning routine consists of waking up after noon, then that's it, don't doubt your planning.
no matter what you have written, that is now your routine, the best order of activities to make you happy and productive. comparing yourself to other people's routines that have different goals than yours and realities other than yours will just make you weak, frustrated and deluded.


see you soon, dreamers! xX

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