Hi! Thanks to everyone who has liked the last post and for encourage me to keep going o this journey.
As I promised I was going to upload an article every saturday (I guess) talking about my progress. First of all, I had an appointment with a Nutritionist, and It wasn't easy to find one that didn't dislike this change, but I found it and she is a great person.
The little changes she told me to do, were to eat less meat over the week, in fact I didn't even eat it that much, occasionally on weekends, but NoT anYm0rE so... It I didn't actually felt a change on that. The thing I did notice, in just one week, was that I feel less heavy and bloated, to be honest, I haven't check my weight so I'm not sure if am losing weight or not I would may know that with the clothes that didn't fit me anymore.
So, that's the thing for now, no other change, I know is just one week, so I can't expect toooo much. Anyways, that's it hope you all have a great weekend and week as well, hope to come back next saturday with more news so this not gets boring.

Always remember we all respond to this kind of changes in differents ways and have different reactions