Being unable to see your loved one can provoke many emotions, along them missing your s.o, longing for the day you'll be able to see them again, constantly remembering the days when you could see and feel each other. This is a playlist that reminds that true love is not hurt by distance, but rather strengthened through the endurance of obstacles that being far away from each other presents.

Number one: Hey there Delilah- Plain white tees

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Favourite quote: But they've got planes and trains and cars,
I'd walk to you if I had no other way

Number two: Wait for me- John-Allison Weiss

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Favourite quote: I wish with all my heart that I could stay

Number three: Miles- Christina Perri

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Favourite quote: Don't count the miles, count the "I love you's"

Number four: An illustration of loneliness- Courtney Barnett

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Favourite quote: Wondering what you're doing, what you're listening to
Which quarter of the moon you're viewing from your bedroom

Number five: Me and the ceiling

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Favourite quote: And it doesn't help at all that I promised I'd be yours forever

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