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Anyway, this is the second article in my skincare from around the world. This time I've chosen Philippines, cause filipinos are extremely beautiful and I'm sure we all want to know the secret.

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here's, skincare tips from Philippines

1. Papaya
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Yes, Papaya. If you've heard papaya is good for skin, you've heard correct! But, filipino women take it a step higher and use papaya directly on their skin to lighten dark areas like elbows, Kees and armpits. It's enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids lessen pigmentation and smoothen the skin. Just mash the fruit and apply the puree directly on areas that you feel need lightening.

2. Batong Buga
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Commonly known as pumice stone, this is a Filipino favourite. Made out of Volcanic rock, it is used to scrub elbows, knees and feet.

3. Zenutrients
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A Philippines brand known for it array of bath and body products. But, one of its products that stands out, is the Gugo bark shampoo. With the real bark in the shampoo bottle, this particular ingredient is know for its hair care properties. Which involve promoting hair growth and, thickness.

4. Aloe Vera
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We all know the benefits of aloe vera. And, filipinos love it so much that it's a common home plant in most Philippine households. They use the gel of the plant for all sorts of skin irritations, be it dry skin, sunburns, rashes, and even wound scabs to speed up healing, It can even be used as a hair treatment!

5. Kakang Gata
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Or as we might call it coconut milk. We know how lovely coconut oil is and we were introduced to coconut water by Brazilian beauties, but coconut milk is a first for me. Using coconut milk extract on your hair and scalp leaves your hair thick and shiny, and acts as a treatment for dry, damaged and brittle hair.

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