my favorite lyrics by R5

These are a few of my favorite lyrics by the american band R5, consisting formerly by Riker Lynch, Ellington Ratliff, Rydel Lynch, Rocky Lynch and Ross Lynch.


Without you

rydel, blue, and rocky image quotes, heart, and mind image dystopia, fantasy, and divergent image concert, r5, and ready set rock image
"Don't leave me lonely. Can you just hold me together before I break?"

Look at us now

blondie, dude, and Hot image r5, riker lynch, and ross lynch image
"Everybody's always workin', mom and dad are always driving everywhere. Looking back at our lives, it really makes you aware"
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"We've come so far from the past, and they said we'd finish last. They just don't know how; look at us now"


Pass me by

bff, couples, and friendship image header, r5, and red image
"You could be the one that could mess me up, you could be the one that'll break me, damn"
brothers, hotties, and pass me by image Image removed
"A million other guys be staring and I know that I could be yours and you could be mine, I just can't let you pass me by"

(I can't) Forget about you

ratliff, r5, and forget about you image forget about you, r5, and rocky lynch image r5 image forget about you r5 image
"Can't recall a thing last night, but woke up with a smile in the morning"

Ain't no way we're goin' home

nowhere, road, and travel image louder, r5, and riker lynch image
"I was blown away, busy disappearing 'til I saw your face"
Inspiring Image on We Heart It r5, ross lynch, and rydel lynch image
"And you make it brighter when we can't see the road"

I want u bad

r5, riker lynch, and ross lynch image bad, i, and light image Inspiring Image on We Heart It lynch, rocky, and ross image
"And even though it should be so wrong I can't help but feel this strong"

One last dance

black and white, r5, and ellington rattlif image Image removed black and white, one last dance, and r5 image Image removed
"Never meant to break your heart, sometimes things just fall apart"


ross lynch and r5 image demi lovato image loud, r5, and riker lynch image r5 image
"Looking for the one tonight, but I can't see you"


Heart made up on you

r5, ross lynch, and riker lynch image Inspiring Image on We Heart It r5 image frases, heart, and r5 image
"You said what you said. When words are knives it's hard not to forget. But something in my head wouldn't reset, can't give up on us yet"

Easy love

quotes, Easy, and text image Image removed ross lynch and r5 image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
"Loving you ain't easy, nothing never is, but I will keep on fighting for a love like this"


All night

all night, r5, and riker lynch image lynch, ross, and all night image
"A little bit of love will change your life"
brothers, Hot, and lynch image all night, r5, and riker lynch image
"Good girls ain't ever making history"

Wild hearts

cute couple, rydel, and Las Vegas image band, life, and Lyrics image cozy, fresno, and room image frases, music, and wild hearts image
"And I know this: we'd better live our lives up to the fullest"

Dark side

dark, dark side, and lips image Inspiring Image on We Heart It montevideo, uruguay, and r5 image dark side, sometime last night, and r5 image
"Even though these are our best days, we only do things in the worst ways"

Repeating days

lynch, rocky, and ross image cars, Lyrics, and sad image days, repeating, and r5 image r5 and lynch image
"You're looking right in my eyes and I know that you're lying when you say that you're mine and there's nobody else"

F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.

bass, happy, and him image feel good, r5, and riker lynch image siblings, smile, and r5fam image beautiful, dress, and fashion image
"I want to show you what the real you is like"

I know you got away

r5, riker lynch, and rocky lynch image alternative, amazing, and dark image r5, ross lynch, and holy hotness image alternative, lynch, and Lyrics image
"And the feeling of getting you closer is taking me under. And the closer I'm getting to closure is making me wonder"

Do it again

10, uruguay, and r5 image artistic, beach, and downtown image
"We'll park and lay down on the hood of my car, listen to the airplanes as we count the stars"
couple, polaroid, and Relationship image argentina, concierto, and goal image
"I'm telling you: regrets don't fade away"

Did you have your fun?

Temporarily removed 2015, r5, and stln image r5, sometimelastnight, and didyouhaveyourfun image band, coachella, and r5 image
"Stop leaving stains on cigarettes and come put your lips on me"

What you're missing

r5 image r5 image
"Living in a plastic world, you think you're such a lucky girl"
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"And girl, when there's nobody else around, I'll make it okay to come down. Take off your Converse and your crown"



blue, girl, and r5 image rocky, ross, and riker image babe, cutie, and Hot image babe, r5, and ross lynch image
"Tell me if you can love me, make me somebody, if you can love me too"

Lay your head down

r5, riker lynch, and ross lynch image r5 image band, concert, and live image babe, band, and lynch image
"So tell me lady, do you feel like I do? Are you craving someone to hold you?"

thank you for reading,