not long ago I joined the "if my life had a soundtrack" challenge and today I want to analyse the results and "predict my future" :)
let's start
the article

opening credits - you know you're right by nirvana

I think that the opening credits tell a lot about the show or movie. It mainly helps you to understand the mood and vibe of the story.
"You know you're right" is a pretty sad song, it's the last song nirvana finished as a group. The song is filled with lyrics about kurts depression.
This leads me to believe that my life is very sad and filled with depression.

school day theme - death by dishonor by ghostemane

The school day theme reflects the feeling of the character in school.
"Death by dishonor" is about drugs, death and being hated.
I think I don't have to explain what this means in context with school. Many children and teenagers suffer at school because of mobbing or other struggles. Sadly, a lot of them use drugs to escape from reality.

fighting with a loved one - sad song by scotty sire

Even though "sad song" is in fact a sad song, it still tries to make being sad less bad. It tries to tell the listener that being sad is okay and that everyone is sad sometimes.
Therefore I think in context with fighting it means that it's normal and okay to fight with loved ones sometimes, even if it's hard.

lovesickness - florida kilos by lana del rey

This song is about cocaine. Cocaine is sad to make you feel loved and warm, the opposite of what you feel when your heart is broken.
Maybe this implies that I want to stop the lovesickness and take drugs, just like the school theme one.

theme of your childhood - 19-2000 (soulchild remix) by gorillaz

2D says that the world is spinning too fast. The whole song is about the transition from the 1900's to the 2000's.
Even though my childhood started 2005, when I was born, I had a lot of 1990's toys and movies included in my daily life. And I also think that my childhood was too short. I don't remember a lot from back then.

theme of your teenage years - i'm sorry by swell

I'm still in middle of my teenage years. "You say that you don't like them, but I see you all the time" is the first sentence of this song. I indeed spend a lot of time with people I don't really like. Maybe I should look out for toxic people and cut them of, or else I'll be sorry.

theme of your adulthood - difference (interlude) by xxxtentacion

This song is about a relationship. X sings about buying her weddingrings and about changing. The main conflict is the distant of the two persons.
This might mean that I'll have a similar relationship in my adulthood, with a conflict based on distant.

being in love - ritalin by hunny

Here we go again - a song about drugs. This song is about "poppin' ritalin with friends" and how it feels like your body isn't your own.
If we don't take the ritalin part literally, this could mean that being in loves make me feel like I'm on ritalin or in a different body.

relationship theme - in bloom by nirvana

This song is about how the band enjoys the popularity they gained.
This could mean that I enjoy the attention or even popularity I gained through my relationship.

wedding song - cut my lip by twenty one pilots

"Cut my lip" is not the most romantic twenty one pilots song. No relationships are mentioned and it is pretty negative. Even though top is my favorite band, I wouldn't like to play "cut my lip" at my wedding but maybe my future partner will change that and we'll have a connection to this song.

s*x theme - california by yungblud

"California" is a pretty aggressive. A lot of drugs are mentioned and also rebellion. It's neither romantic nor erotic. I would not know a situation where this song should play while I have a special moment with someone.

first song played in your car - hot topic by le tigre

If I would get a car in this moment I would play fireflies by owl city as the first song. I'll probably get my first own car when I turn 19 or 20, so my taste will most definitely change. "Hot topic" is a punk song and I really enjoy punk music, so I don't see a big conflict with this.

flashback themes - goodbye by billie eilish

"Goodbye" is the last song of billies album "when we all fall asleep, where do we go?" and it mentions all the songs of the album. This song is basically a big flashback for the album, so I think it fits good into this category.

song of your death - mega zeph by $uicideboy$

"Mega zeph" is a horrorcore song wich implies that I'll die mysteriously or brutal. Maybe it means that I'll be murdered, there are many allusions of drugs and psychopaths in this song.

final credits - sometimes by anthony amorim

The final credits reflect over the whole movie, or atleast the end.
Sometimes is a sad song, about being broken and not being okay. About unrequited love and phases.
This makes me think that my life will be sad and without love. It's really sad to end something with a song like this.

that's it! I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading :) xoxo,