Helloooooo, guys!
I'm baaaack!
How are you doing? I hope you're all fine!

I took a month out. I'm sorry I didn't even leave a note... I got caught by surprise in a situation and for some days I didn't have time even to breathe LOL. But now I'm back, and I'll make it up to you. Drum roll, please.


That's it. You're gonna see me a lot this month. But, before we actually start it, I wanna leave a note here.

If you like recommendations, get ready, cause I'm planning on posting some soon. You can wait for something.

Okay. Now, here we go.
I found this challenge on Pinterest and I thought it would be nice. I already did it once on my Instagram, but I'd like to do it again, but this time here, on WHI. I think I might comment on some answers (like I always do, right? LOL). I hope you like it.

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Well... this answer may vary, because if we're talking about really the first anime I watched, like, not because I wanted to watch an anime or because I liked anime... If we're talking about the very first one, considering that I didn't finished it, then
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I kinda remember of watching it when I was a kid, but I don't even remember what happened on the episode.
Now, if we're talking about the first anime that I watched because I searched for it and wanted to watch, then
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And I think it's kinda funny the reason why I watched.
I think I was 14 when I began Death Note. I was in a group of friends, and some of them met a girl, and then she began hanging out with us. I didn't like her at first, but since most of my friends liked her, I thought "I think I can at least be nice", so I started talking to her and tried to make her feel comfortable with me and with the other girls. She liked kpop and anime and mangas and I wasn't a fan of any of those things. I liked - and still prefer - western pop, I liked popular teen TV shows, the only mangas I had read were some version of a national comic and I was pretty convinced that I didn't like animes. Okay.
So, we talked many times and she said I should try some anime and she had a lot of recommendations for me and blablabla, but I was still persisting on the idea of not watching. While she was trying to take me to the otaku side, I was trying to bring her to the "western" side. At that time, I really liked this TV show that I think many of you will know:
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Yup. Teen Wolf. Oh my God. I liked it so much. I still do, tbh.
So, where was I? Oh, yeah. Then, I had the great idea to make a deal with her. She was going to watch Teen Wolf and I was going to watch Death Note. Summing up, she would try my "likings" and I would try hers. I was sure I would bring her to "my" side, because I was sure I wouldn't like the anime.
I think it's kind of obvious by now that I was wrong.
I stood, like, a whole Sunday afternoon watching it. And I absolutely loved it.
I like anime ever since.
If you're wondering whether she liked Teen Wolf or not, yeah, she did. I kinda brought her to western side and she kinda took me to the otaku/eastern side.
Now, just one more comment on Death Note.
Just keep in mind that I'm talking about the anime. I've never read the manga.
S P O I L E R - A L E R T
I got completely devastated by L's death. Oh my God. He died, like, in the middle of the story. I wasn't expecting that. I wanted him to catch Kira and I was so sure that would happen.
I don't like Mello, or Near. At all. I guess I got resentful because of L's death. I dunno if their characters got a good development in the manga... but in the anime, I definitely don't like them.
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Cover: Gabriel Tenma White, from Gabriel DropOut

That's it for today guys. I hope you liked it.
Have a good day (or night).

Wait, wait, wait. Before you actually leave, I have something to ask.
I'm from Brazil and we have a problem there. Paulo Guedes, Minister of Economy, wants to increase the price of books. Why? Because, according to him, the book is a "product of the elite". In Brazil, books are tax free. Paulo Guedes suggested 12% tax on books to go to the government. That amount is even more than many writers are paid for their work. In addition, books are already expensive. Many people do not have the money to buy books, not even to study. If the price of books increases, the situation will be even worse.
So, I'm asking for your help to go against this. Sign the petition here:


Thank you!!!