Inspired by:


  • open your playlist
  • put it on shuffle
  • press play
  • for each question write down the name of the song that is playing
  • move on to the next song to answer the next question


Opening credits

the game - milky chance

flowers, nature, and daisy image clothes, photography, and woman image

Theme of your birth

play god - sam fender

black and white, girl, and photography image hand, tv, and grunge image

First day of school

level of concern - twenty one pilots

Lyrics, songs, and level of concern image blue, clouds, and home image

First fight

cancer - twenty one pilots (cover)

quotes, goodbye, and grunge image girl, sad, and grunge image

First loving frustration

franzis - fil bo riva

beautiful, beauty, and body image aesthetic, beautiful, and boys and girls image

Theme of your school life

invisible - 5 seconds of summer

Image by YasminAwan flowers, aesthetic, and vintage image

Theme of your adult life

watershed - giant rooks

hands, couple, and vintage image Image by .

Your valentine song

sometimes - kodaline

couple image girl, wind, and nature image

First define the relationship

blu - jon bellion

couple, love, and goals image love, couple, and window image

Your wedding song

shaky ground - freedom fry

food and gathering image girl, nature, and beauty image

Your first time

great unknown - x ambassadors

snow, winter, and couple image nature, animal, and deer image

First song you played in your car

cough syrup - youg the giant

Image by Private User friends, aesthetic, and bitch image

Theme of your flashbacks

red desert - 5 seconds of summer

friends, sunset, and aesthetic image theme, aesthetic, and feed image

Song that will play when you die

just like a movie - wallows

beach, summer, and friends image grunge, sky, and city image

Final credits

lover of mine - 5 seconds of summer

Image by Private User purple, aesthetic, and plants image

I hope you liked this article and found some new music to listen to!
- Sophia