Domestic or International?

Image removed international business and hussain al nowais image

Country or City?

new york, city, and sky image country, english, and village image

Plane or Boat?

sarah innocenzi image luxury, sea, and boat image

Bus or Train?

aesthetic, train, and theme image train, green, and nature image

Solo or Group?

Image by ♡ кαяℓα ♡ adventure, girls, and tea image

Camping or Hotel?

aesthetic, buildings, and pink image city, building, and architecture image

Amusement Park or Historical Sites?

7 maravillas del mundo, hermosos, and únicos image travel, rome, and italy image
Historical Sites

Tropical or Mountains?

amazing, cold, and mountains image beach, summer, and coconut image

Art Festival or Music Festival?

adventure, coachella, and outfit image coachella, festival, and girl image
Music Festival

Interstate or Backroads?

bavaria, Bavarian, and bayern image beauty, country, and fall image

New York or Vegas?

lights, skyscrapers, and architecture image city, new york, and travel image
New York

River or Ocean Cruise?

cruise, danube, and wanderlust image travel, city, and river image
River Cruise

Pool or Ocean?

beautiful, life, and like image beach, sky, and nature image

Hope you enjoyed x