Searching through old pictures of my parents when they were teenagers, I managed to find inspiration in the way my mother used to dress back in the 90's.
Most of the pieces that caught my attention are simple, stylish clothes that I consider basic (and necessary).

I would tend to resemble the style of my teenage mother's wardrobe with the way I noticed that Koreans usually dress: clean, simple, elegant ... quite minimalist and tasteful.

So here's a list with all the pieces that I would like to have for my own (because obviously my mom didn't keep any of her old clothes) >>>>>

  • simple classic shirts
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  • a plaid jacket
boss, chic, and minimal image Image by ᴹ ᵃ ᵛ ᴸ ᵃ Q ᵘ ᵉ fashion, style, and outfit image beige, blazer, and fashion image
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  • a brown jacket
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  • a white skirt
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  • a black skirt
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  • a leather jacket
outfit, fashion, and style image outfit, fashion, and skirt image Image by Lelie Danesh fashion, outfit, and leather image
  • a long shirt with a unique pattern
outfit, cute, and aesthetic image fashion, girl, and aesthetic image dior, street wear, and blogger image Image by Shauna
  • maxi dresses
fashion, dress, and outfit image dress, fashion, and green image aesthetic and indie image fashion, dress, and outfit image
  • classic black purse
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  • ...and these types of shoes
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That's all for now. For more inspiration, please check my fashion album: