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General Information

Name: Oceane [oh-she-ANN] Whiteside
Birthday and Zodiac Sign: April 4th, Aries
Nationality: Dutch
Blood Status: Half-Blood

Appearance and Personality

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Oceane is a short girl with very light blond hair, which is shoulder length. She has light blue eyes and a pale skin. Oceane is stubborn and determined. She is always very optimistic and such an extrovert. Oceane loves to be surrounded by her friends, but also some alone time outside. She loves animals and tries to be as best as she can for the environment.

House and Year

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Oceane was sorted into Bellefeuille, well-known for their bravery, sensitivity, loyalty and love for nature. They are hard and efficient workers and are characteristically book smart. Oceane is in her Sixth year.


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Her wand is made of Maple Wood with a Unicorn Hair core. The lenght of her wand is 10 3/4 inches and it has plaint flexibility.


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Oceanes patronus would be a Beagle.


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Her ginger cat is very fluffy, what makes him look a little bit fat, so she called him Garfield.

Amorentia Scent

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Sweet iced coffee and rainy days.


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harry potter, potion, and aesthetic image hogwarts, harry potter, and potion image
Liquid Luck and Amortentia
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Reading, go on adventures with her friends, listening to music and taking a walk outside.

Yule ball:

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