dazz cam

70s, black, and retro image polaroid, camera, and black image
will make your pictures look exactly like they were taken on a polaroid camera


beach, couple, and black and white image audrey hepburn, gregory peck, and roman holiday image
gives videos the old camcorder effect and has so many retro filters, it’s just like having a vintage camera


audrey hepburn, roman holiday, and vintage image black and white, cars, and new york image
adds grain, overlays and film style filters to pictures. you can also make your own filters so it looks exactly how you want it to

video star

Marilyn Monroe, black and white, and vintage image love, couple, and kiss image
a more advanced app for editing but if you know what you’re doing you can do pretty much anything


black and white, boys, and couple image black and white, dancing, and friendship image
doesn’t give pictures the polaroid effect but will give them a clearer white border, like a polaroid print