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This is a collaboration article with Nadine. She came up with this Brilliant tag, a way to test the spotify algorithm.

This is how the tag works: We chose 20 words and searched for them in Spotify. We wrote down the first song that Spotify suggested. As the algorithm is based on personal preferences, the results are pretty different. But have a look yourself!
If you want to try this out as well, feel free to write your own article and mention us. We would love to see what Spotify proposes to you!

Let's start with the real tag!

Feel free to rephrase it! :) If necessary :D

Word Number 1: back

puma, selena gomez, and selena gomez fan image keira knightley, actress, and hair image
Kashish: Back to you - Selena Gomez - This was actually an expected song for the algorithm to give me, this was after all my listened to song in 2019.
Nadine: A step you canโ€™t take back - Keira Knighly (from: Can a song save your life?) - I really liked the movie, but other songs were definitely better.

Word Number 2: flames

Image by JackeHoff black, coldplay, and white image
Kashish: Flames (with Zayn) - R3HAB, ZAYN, jungleboi - Honestly, Iโ€™ve never heard this song before. This came as a suggestion.
Nadine: Up in flames - Coldplay - Love Coldplay. Love the song.

Word Number 3: push

new, best pic, and the chainsmokers image beard, boss, and deutsch image
Kashish: Push my luck - Chainsmokers - Never heard this song either, pleasantly surprised because I liked it a lot.
Nadine: Push it to the limit - Kollegah - Never heard it, but I donโ€™t like Kollegah.

Word Number 4: me

Taylor Swift image celebrities, sexy, and handsome image
Kashish: ME! - Taylor Swift feat Brendon Urie - Absolutely love love love this song!
Nadine: Take me now - Justin Timberlake - Like it!

Word Number 5: forever

chris brown image photoshoot, lover era, and Taylor Swift image
Kashish: Forever - Chris Brown - I have endless songs with the word โ€˜foreverโ€™ and Spotify gives me a song Iโ€™ve never heard.
Nadine: Forever and Always - Taylor Swift - One of the first T.Swift songs I listened to. Love it like all of her songs!

Word Number 6: far

fashion, g, and gerry image demi lovato image
Kashish: Far alone - G-Eazy, E-40, Jay Ant - First time listening to this song and Iโ€™m in love.
Nadine: So far so great - Demi Lovato - One of her good songs, if you ask me!

Word Number 7: dream

dj, fire, and swedish house mafia image coldplay, dreams, and Parachutes image
Kashish: Dreamer - Axwell /\ Ingrosso - I love Axwell /\ Ingrosso and this song was another amazing suggestion from spotify.
Nadine: A head full of dreams - Coldplay - Flash back to their concert! This feeling!

Word Number 8: touch

james brown and mc hammer image ariana grande image
Kashish: Touch it - Ariana Grande - Love this song!!
Nadine: U canโ€™t touch this - MC Hammer - A classic! Great song!

Word Number 9: crave

flight facilities image art, instagram, and concert image
Kashish: Crave you - Flight Facilities. Never heard of the song or artist.
Nadine: Crave - Kiesza - A new song for me. It doesnโ€™t really stand out to other songs for me.

Word Number 10: First

Image by JackeHoff Bright Eyes, music, and mystic valley band image
Kashish: First Man - Camila Cabello - Ok, I love Camilla and this song. Where has this been all my life.
Nadine: First Day of my life - Bright Eyes - I had to listen to it to recognise it. But itโ€™s really beautiful!

Word Number 11: feel

music, photography, and singer image eyes, like, and male image
Kashish: Feel good - Gryffin, ILLENIUM, Daya - This song made me feel good. Pun intended!
Nadine: Feel - Robbie Williams - I like that song, even if I havenโ€™t listened to it for ages.

Word Number 12: All

john legend, celebrity, and piano image celebrity, instagram, and john legend image
Kashish: All of me - John Legend - This song is the cure for a bad day and calm on a good one.
Nadine: All of me - John Legend - I like that song, but I listened to it too often.

Word Number 13: donโ€™t

concert, the chainsmokers, and drew taggart image black and white, divide, and teddy image
Kashish: Donโ€™t let me down - The Chainsmokers, Daya - Itโ€™s been so long since Iโ€™ve heard this song. I canโ€™t believe I forgot about it.
Nadine: Donโ€™t - Ed Sheeran - Love it! Also reminds me of his concert!

Word Number 14: Talk

accessories, bae, and couples image john lennon and harry nilsson image
Kashish: Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo, 2 Chainz - This song wasnโ€™t the first thing in my mind when I searched the word talk. Spotify, you surprised me yet again.
Nadine: Everybodyโ€™s Talkinโ€™ - Harry Nilsson & George Tipton - Why? I am in shock! I was sure Talk by Coldplay would be the first song.

Word Number 15: Just

exo, lay, and steve aoki image cyrus, hannah montana, and miley ray cyrus image
Kashish: Just Hold on - Steve Aoki, Louis Tomlinson - I love Steve Aoki and I love Louis Tomlinson and Spotify is definitely doing something right.
Nadine: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Miley Cyrus - This song reminds me of my teens. I donโ€™t listen to it anymore.

Word Number 16: No

sean paul and becky g image Image by muerte roja
Kashish: No Lie - Sean Paul, Dua Lipa - This song is an earworm, you wonโ€™t even know it, and the next thing youโ€™re huming is โ€œno lieeeโ€
Nadine: No time to die - Billie Eilish - Not my favorite song of her.

Word Number 17: One

ariana grande, ariana, and grande image Queen, band, and Freddie Mercury image
Kashish: One Last time - Ariana Grande - I donโ€™t think this song ever gets old or boring.
Nadine: Another Bites the dust - Queen - I love Queen. Their music will live forever!

Word Number 18: Perfect

judge, x factor, and louis tomlinson image acoustic, multiply, and passion image
Kashish: Perfect Strangers - Jonas Blue, JP Cooper - This song reminds me of summer. Honestly, most of Jonas Blue songs have a summer tone, but this one especially hits the vibe hard.
Nadine: Perfect - Ed Sheeran - What else? Thank you Spotify!

Word Number 19: Say

james arthur, tattoo, and james image doja cat image
Kashish: Say you won't let go - James Arthur - I really wonโ€™t let go of this song. It has a very special meaning to me.
Nadine: Say so - Doja Cat - Interesting choice! Listened to it and itโ€™s ok.

Word Number 20: you

Taylor Swift, taylor, and black and white image music and flora cash image
Kashish: You belong with me - Taylor Swift - Another โ€˜never gets oldโ€™ song. This was my jam back when I was a teenager.
Nadine: Youโ€™re somebody else - flora cash - What a nice song! Didnโ€™t know it before!


This is it!

This article was written by @sparkling_tears and @aeonian_desires, for Amanti Della Mรบsica.

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