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1. sweet or sour?

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2. lemonade or orange juice?

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3. what's your dream job?
I'd like something to do with music, probably play in a band or something like that. I'd love to be a bass player.

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4. which animal would you be if you could?
Maybe a fox or a bird of some kind

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5. which year would you travel if you could time travel?

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6. top 3 places you wanna visit?
There's a lot, but if I had to choose only 3, it would be Amsterdam, Athens and London (again)

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7. what's the last movie you seen?
I've just rewatched 'A Hard Day's Night', but the last movie I watched that was my first time seeing it was 'V For Vendetta'

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8. what would you name your kids?
Marley and Robert

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After Bob Marley and Robert Plant

9. how many kids do you want?

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10. what languages do you want to know?
Italian, French, Turkish, Spanish, Russian

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11. do you think your native language is hard?
My native language is Bosnian, but you can also learn Croatian and Serbian with it because they're pretty much the same language. I don't think it is hard to learn, but that depends on the person learning it

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12. do you have a secret talent?
I guess my secret talent is still a secret

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13. what zodiac sign would you like to be?
I'm a Cancer, but I don't really know which one would I like to be

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14. would you rather be a mermaid or a fairy?

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15. snakes or lizards?
I'm not a big fan of either. Lizards I guess

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16. do you have posters in your room?

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17. do you have a best friend?
I have 3

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18. are you single or taken?

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19. do you like to study?

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20. how are you feeling right now?
Very well

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