got some new spotify playlists that i think are pretty good ngl but tbh i probably forgot some of them

aesthetic, edgy, and eyes image quote, tumblr, and xanax image
im high and idk if i should kill myself
aesthetic, brown, and cry image Image by Private User
loneliness strikes at 4am
girl, grunge, and black image cigarette image
the depressed main character
Image by ɢᴡᴜᴀᴘʙʙʏ aesthetic, alternative, and black image
trap metal? emo rap? idk what i'd call this
girl, melanin, and pretty image backless dress, summer mini dress, and outfit of the day ootd image
chill r&b kinda vibe
goth image grunge, aesthetic, and girl image
soundtrack of my life

anyways i hope you enjoyed and found some new songs to listen to!!